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Review: Springfield Armory Mil-Spec


With their Mil-Spec M1911 Springfield Armory has decided that yes, you can improve on perfection. The pistol is, according to them, a step above the good ol’ GI model that served so well and is designed to the specifications of the modern US Military. The pistol looks good, feels solid, and shoots well, and though the MSRP isn’t cheap it can be found online, NIB, for prices rivaling manufacturers like Taurus. I features the following upgrades over the standard GI .45:

-High profile 3-dot sights

-High-hand grip

-Beveled magazine well

-Polished feed ramp

-Throated barrel

-Lowered and flared ejection port

-Angled slide serrations

As a finished product the pistol isn’t too different from the marines MEU SOC .45, slap on some Pachmayr grips, install a skeletonized hammer and you’ve got a pretty good civilian clone.


In a word, excellent. The pistol is solidly built with real Cocobolo hardwood grips, forged steel frame and slide, good weight, and smooth cycling/manual slide cycling. The finish is on their good, only a few superficial scratches were evident on my test model, and that pistol had been used by hundreds of shooters. Overall the pistol feels combat ready.


The pistol’s accuracy depends almost completely one one’s ability to manage the .45 caliber recoil and aim properly, if one can do this you’ll get 1-2 inch groupings at 50 feet. As for the recoil, it is fairly manageable, the complete metal construction and lack of any attempt to lighten it (such as skeletonizing certain parts) means the gun’s heavy frame absorbs a good amount of the kick. This absorption is very noticeable if one then shoots a similarly sized polymer pistol (a .40 Cal Smith and Wesson M&P has more kick than this pistol) soon after firing the Mil-Spec. I would trust my life to this gun in a defensive situation, but I’d do that with any quality M1911.

As a Collectible:

The gun isn’t all that collectible, as 1911’s with similar upgrades can be found everywhere and it doesn’t look all that special. That said, is it a good gun to add to a collection of M1911’s you plan on shooting? Definitely yes.

Overall Ratings:

Quality: 5/5 (John Browning would be proud of this incarnation of his design)

Looks: 4/5 (This gun has classic lines, enough said)

Shooting: 4/5 (Very good but its not customized for competition/target shooting so it won’t be the talk of the local range)

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